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Holiday Collection Wax Melts

Holiday Collection Wax Melts

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The Holiday Collection - A wonderful collection of wax melts themed around ‘The Most Womnderful Time of the Year’. Walk in the winter wonderland with a galaxy of stars above and crunchy snow below. Then snuggle up with these cozy, sweater weather scents and a crackling fire. Sounds like the Holidays… Right? Options are listed below. 

Winterberry - Breathe in the cool, crisp frost of winter with cedars and firs towering above untouched sugar snow. Scent Notes: Sandalwood, Balsam Fir, Cedar, Citrus, Peppermint, Cranberry, Berries, Clove, Sugar, Snow

Candyland - Awaken to robust peppermint spliced with tangy orange citrus and sweet cranberry. Playfully fruity and flavorful.  Scent Notes: Peppermint, Cranberry, Orange, Berries, Clove, Vanilla

O Christmas Tree - It’s a stroll at a Christmas Tree Farm! Like having a Christmas tree in every room. Scent Notes: Douglas Fir, Pine Needles, cedar wood, earthy patchouli, hints of peppermint

Sleigh Ride! - A wintry mix of sweet snow, balsam cedar, peppermint and eucalyptus! Scent Notes: Frosty Snow, Cool Mint, Pine Trees, Warm Vanilla with hints of eucalyptus

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