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Orange Cosmos

Orange Cosmos

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Cosmos Bright Orange Sulfur Seeds

If you’re looking for a show-stopping, butterfly magnet, no fuss flower, you need some bright orange cosmos in your life!

Every time I pick these beauties for bouquets, I patiently wait for a busy bee to finish pollinating. They hate to give the flowers up, but rest assured, there are plenty cosmos to spare!

Mine are planted in the garden randomly, by the roadside, under a tree. The seeds are super easy to sprout and grow. They prefer sun, but can handle some shade (they’ll be taller). No need to fertilize or even improve soil. They will still do their thing!

From our flower farm, I gather a bunch of cosmos blooms for the booth display at farmer’s markets. Customers gravitate to them and want to purchase the cosmos display. Orange cosmos are definitely eye catchers.

Each packet contains 50 hand counted seeds. If I lost count, I just added extra! FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA

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